It's spring, and we're reinventing ourselves!


Spring is a time of renewal, and for Epipresto, it's a time to reinvent ourselves. We are excited to announce that Epipresto is becoming  OneTrip. With this change, we mark a new chapter in our journey and reaffirm our commitment to support independent merchants from all backgrounds.

What is OneTrip?

OneTrip is a turnkey solution for independent grocers. We offer inventory digitization, online storefronts, and same-day delivery service. Additionally, we can provide digital marketing and inventory management systems to help merchants better have a better understanding of their inventory. We remain true to Epipresto's mission and focus on merchants' digital transformation. 

What is changing for you?

We understand that change can be difficult, and we want to inform you of the following changes. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to order from many stores in one cart and receive the products in one delivery. We know that this feature has made many of you happy, and we will continue to help you discover your city's independent grocery gems. The Epipresto marketplace will remain active until the end of the month. After that, it’ll be disabled and you will need to order directly from the stores websites.

Thank you ! 

We appreciate your continued support throughout the years. We are proud to have delivered your essential goods, day and night, throughout the pandemic. If you know any independent grocers you would like to see online, please refer them to us! 

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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