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When e-commerce powers local buying
We want to show the riches of authentic products from here and abroad, offered by the best local grocers and specialized merchants.


Support local businesses which are the backbone of the economy by promoting their products through to technology

Offer access to a myriad of authentic, healthy and quality products

Reduce our environmental footprint: Zero emission


Our actions are guided by high moral and ethical principles
Together at Epipresto we join forces to overcome all the challenges that stand in our way.
In all our interactions we take the time to listen to our stakeholders, customers and partners in order to design the best solution possible.
We embrace difference in all its forms and it allows us to stimulate innovation and creativity in order to constantly reinvent ourselves.

The Team

Djalil BABA-MOUSSA, ing.jr

Technical director and co-founder
Before coming to Canada for engineering studies, I lived in various countries, exposed to different cultures which instilled in me the importance of family and community. Also, I’ve always been passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Thus through Epipresto, I manage to reconcile my passions and the values that I grew up with . It pushes me to work above and beyond in order to give the best service to local grocers and our customers. When we have an idea, we often think that that it is impossible or very complicated to create without money. But I think the key is to make at least 1% every day. So, I try on my own scale and to the best of my ability to help the local grocers who are the heart of the community.

Walid BABA-MOUSSA, ing

CEO and co-founder
I often get asked what motivated a mechanical engineer to launch a grocery delivery service, I answer: the love of technology, the desire to serve my neighbor and winter! I am a tech-enthusiast, who believes that technology is there to help man and not the other way around. At Epipresto, people are at the heart of technology. Orders are processed by humans who are extremely sensitive to customers needs. When you place your order, someone will take the time to serve you to ensure that you receive your groceries according to your instructions. If products are out of stock, you will be contacted and we will be happy to offer you an alternative. Simply said, we care. Also, we make technology at the service of local businesses by giving them the possibility to sell their products online and to offer delivery. I like helping my neighbor and being able to help the community, as much the merchants as the customers, it's a huge feeling that motivates me every day. Helping others is the most rewarding salary. Winter because the idea for this service came after several winter grocery shopping adventures. You see, I am of `` tropical '' origin ... So when you find yourself in Quebec in the middle of winter and you don't have a car, doing your grocery shopping at -20 degrees celsius is a memorable experience brrrr. .. So why not order online at local shops in the area and have it delivered to your home?

Ambroise Collard

Director of operations and human resources
As a graduate in public management, I have more than 6 years of experience in a corporate environment in human resources management. But, almost 3 years ago, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to disrupt my quiet life in order to pursue my ambitions. I went on to launch my first startup in the fashion industry. Indeed, I am a fervent lover of fashion, good food and life’s pleasures. Now I join the founders team of Epipresto because their mission and above all their enthusiasm and persistence resonate with me. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but when you are passionate and lucky enough to encourage local businesses while meeting the needs of consumers, it’s worth the sweat ! We all strive to bring our best selves and make a difference in our society, and now we’re grateful to do it through Epipresto , with a motivated team ready to work hard.
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