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Pappardelle aux œufs de La Campofilone

Pappardelle aux œufs de La Campofilone

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250 g

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The Large Surface Of This Pasta (1.4 Cm), The Unique Consistency And The Porous Pastry Make Them Perfect In Combination With The Most Succulent And Rich Condiments, Such As Ragù With Game, And With Autumn And Winter Flavors.
Curiosity: It Is Thought That The Very Name "Pappardelle" Derives From The Verb "Pappare", Devour, Eat Greedily: A Well-Justified Reaction When You Have Such An Inviting Plate Of Pasta In Front Of You!


Ideal Quantity For 2-3 Servings
Cooking Time: 1-2 Minutes In Boiling Water
Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Fresh Eggs (33.4%)