Vinaigre balsamique Fattoria Estense 15 ans d'âge

Vinaigre balsamique Fattoria Estense 15 ans d'âge

Italimenti 250 ml

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The Most Elegant Modena'S Vinegar, Aged To Perfection For 15 Years. Thick And Intensely Flavorful, With Hints Of Chocolate, Figs, And Toasted Malt, This Balsamic Perfectly Complements Both Sweet And Savory Dishes. Made Exclusively From Trebbiano Vineyards Grapes, Which Are Pressed Immediately After Picking And Fermented In Open-Top Barrels Until Reduced. The Must Is Then Aged In Oak Barrels, Producing A Vinegar With Beautiful Rich Color And Velvety Texture.

Recommendations For Use: With Cheese Plates And Charcuterie, Drizzle Over Grilled Asparagus Or Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Or Even Top Vanilla Ice Cream With It.